What would you get if you crossed a fighter jet with a race car?

Atomic Wedgie

About the car:

Chassis: 300 inch wheelbase, chrome moly tube, titanium and magic by H.P. Motorsport
Engine: Westinghouse J-34 turbojet
Compressor: 19:1 atmospheres, 11 stage axial flow
Afterburner: Force 1 by Force Industries
Fuel manifold: Force Industries with help from salvaged rocket parts
Body: Magnesium, aluminum, and composites by Force Industries and H.P. Motorsport
Way cool paint: Heartland Auto Body
Fuel: Jet A and kerosene cocktail
Fuel consumption: .008 mpg, or 40 feet per gallon, or 30 gallons per 1/4 mile, this is no Hyundai
Tailpipe emissions: 40 feet long flames at 1200 degrees. Hot dogs, anyone?
Rated power: 8000 lbs. thrust on afterburner
Top speed: 320 mph

Thanks to:

A Navy F2 fighter for donating it's heart
H.P. Motorsport, Omaha, NE
Heartland Auto Body, Logan, IA